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    What to include with version 0.3.0



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    What to include with version 0.3.0

    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:23 am

    Trying to think of what to work on next. Here are a couple of ideas.

    • Create an option to 'flatten' the bottom of geodesic domes. This happens with mainly with domes of an odd frequency (i.e 3,5,7), but also with even ones depending on the fraction f othe dome showing. Adding a flatten option would extend the struts lengths so that the base is perfectly flat. This would also make more variations of strut types which is slightly harder to keep track of if you're planning on manufacturing one of these.

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    • An extension of this first feature is to put a layer of frame supports under the lowest part of the frame as each board is slightly canted inwards. This would then present a flat surface underneath. This then leads to another option to add a frame of x height below the Dome for those that want it raised off the ground.

    • Currently all of the struts are unique, even though with a geodesic dome there is a lot of replication. The option would turn the struts into components and only create instances of each unique type. This will also lend itself to the next feature

    • Now that we will have a unique list of components and how many there are of each, create a bill of materials. There are a number of different directions to go with this from optimizing the diameter of the dome so that you minimize the number of boards based on board costs you enter or graph the radius of the dome with cost and the system will optimize by the number of struts it can get from a given board.

    • That seems like quite a bit of work already. I'd like to redo the web site as I just threw it together and it looks hokey IMO. There are also a few remaining bugs with the program I need to clean off the list.

    Thoughts.... (I expect I'm talking to myself, but whats new)


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